Written & Illustrated by P.W Pivac

childrens book full of colour & adventure!

Share an adventure with Noel

Share an adventure with Noel as he goes on an epic salty sea journey in search of "greater" things outside of his faithful wee fish bowl! Noel in a Bowl is full of colour, full-belly laughs for the whole family & a beautiful message to be held at heart. Written & illustrated in 2001.

Witten & illustrated in 2001

A very special, creative & witty childrens book by P.W Pivac that uses the natural world, innocent wander. talent and quirk to create a magical world for Noel and his newfound friends.

Noel found his way to Rotorua

Thanks to Ange & Paul for letting us know your new guest arrived safely in Rotorua. Enjoy!

Purchase your Hardcopy

'Noel in a Bowl' has accompanied many travellers and guests staying at Ngapae Holiday Park. You can purchase a hard copy of 'Noel in a Bowl' at the front office.

Bright captivating illustrations!

This book is a feast for the senses. Bright colours and witty literature will definitely bring your tamariki on the journey with Noel.

Keep our Coastlines Clean

Proud to reside in the Far North of New Zealand, where 'Noel in a Bowl' was written & illustrated. Proud to be kaitiaki and to live in paradise. For every book sold, $2 is donated to providing resources for our local beach clean up days.

What a cool little read!

Jo Hohaia

Such an entertaining read for my grandies!

Sue Waetford

We hope this gets turned into a movie by the time we return to New Zealand.

Casey Bethem

Special thanks